Faith Abroad

Our time studying abroad at Oxford is very quickly coming to a close and we are entering the last week before flying home to South Carolina. Tutorials wrapped up last week, and walking out of my last New Testament tutorial, I was very thankful for all that the Lord taught me through studying His Word here and this New Testament tutor’s faithful insights. We ended the term in the book of Hebrews which I had never studied before, and the question that I was supposed to answer in my essay was really rewarding.

Reflecting over the term, several themes seemed to stick out that you could trace throughout the books of the New Testament that we covered, including Jesus’s tenderness towards his people, how the Gospel writers were drawn to different parts of Jesus’s person and displayed what is special about him to them personally in their writings, how highly New Testament writers valued Scripture, how the Bible really rewards reading over and over again, and most importantly, how intricately unified the Old and New Testaments are. Though that is a pretty basic understanding, it was repeatedly recognized as an integral part of what makes Jesus’s gospel so meaningful. This unified theme of the Bible declares the good news of Jesus and his rescue of his sinful, destitute people. I realize how simple that is but seeing how redundantly it is displayed throughout the Bible has given it renewed beauty.

 Throughout our time here, the Lord has provided in every way, and it’s been one of the most rewarding experiences. I am really thankful for the friends and family he has provided here and at home, the time to see different parts of creation and the changing seasons, the opportunity to realize how little I know about most everything, and especially for time devoted to studying His Word.

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