The Cry of My Heart

This is the cry of my heart,

God I need you. 

Not just on the good days and not just on the bad days, but I need you every day. 

I am deserving of nothing. Everyday I lose the battle with my sinful nature. No matter how hard I fight, it always seems as if I am not strong enough. Yet, everyday you extend your grace to me and make me new. 

On my own I am nothing, but in you I have everything. In you I am worthy. In you I am righteous. In you I have hope.

You gave your Spirit to dwell within me. You are with me wherever I go. I cannot outrun your love for me, and I know you will leave the 99 to find me and bring me back into your presence. 

Your love for me is greater than anything I could ever imagine. You gave your Son to die for me on the cross. He was beaten, mocked, and killed so that I, the one whose sin nailed him to the cross, could live in eternity with you. 

When you look at me I should be ashamed because of the countless times I have and will sin against you, but that is not what you see. When you look at me you see the blood of Jesus. He took my sin and he bore my shame, so that I do not have to. I am a new creation. I am not bound or defined by sin. I am set free and defined by who I am in Christ. 

Father, I do not want to be bound by my sin anymore. I am tired of fighting the same battles over and over, and continuously falling short. Help me turn from my sin, and live a life devoted to chasing after you.

I give over every aspect of my life to you. I surrender to you. Help me let go and let you fight my battles. 

Lord, help me be more like you. Let me love others like Jesus did. I pray when people look at me they see you. May your light shine through me for all to see. 

You want me, you love me, and you desire to know me. May I have that same desire to know you God. 

I want you to sit at the throne of my heart. May I never let anything come before you. Help me keep my eyes fixed on you always. 

When trials and temptation come, you are my rock and you are my strength. Nothing is too big for you. 

God I love you and God I need you.

This is the cry of my heart, what is the cry of yours?  

By Peyton Thompson

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  • Owens Claudette

    Peyton such beautiful words! God bless you as you continue in your walk with Him! Thanks for sharing to remind me of the love & grace of our Savior!

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