The Difference Between Knowledge And A Relationship

Today I want to talk about the importance of understanding the difference between having the knowledge of God and having a relationship with him.

Sadly many will go their whole lives thinking they are a Christian when in reality they have no clue that they missed their whole purpose as a Christ follower completely. Once you receive Christ as your Lord and Savior you have a desire to live for him. The core of Christianity is the RELATIONSHIP that you share between you and God. You can have the most Bible knowledge out of anyone in the world, but if you lack the relationship with the one who created it, it is all meaningless. Having the knowledge of God doesn’t bring the presence of God in your life. 

Imagine this, you are put into a time machine, go back and watch God create the world, you later see him heal the sick, see Jesus die on the cross and rise again three days later, and witness him ascend back up to heaven. After experiencing it all you come back with full knowledge of his existence. Does this make you a Christian? You now know for a fact that he was and is real! Unfortunately not. You may have that knowledge, but you haven’t made the decision to live for him. Knowledge does not equal relationship. The knowledge of something can spark the desire for a relationship, but it does not qualify as one. Scripture says that even the demons believe and they shutter (James 2:19)! 

Don’t misunderstand, having knowledge of scripture is important and vital in the process of growing in our relationship with Christ. It is also important that we understand that striving for wisdom over relationship will only lead to emptiness. Ecclesiastes 1:16-17 says “it is all striving after wind.” 

Way too often I believe we all find ourselves going through the motions. We check off all the boxes for our “Christian duty” list and lose the true purpose behind it. The harsh truth is this, it is easy to bare the title “Christian” I would even say it’s the popular thing to do. However, it is extremely unpopular to be a Christ follower. My challenge for you guys is to examine your hearts. Ask yourselves who or what you have been living for and what it is that you are pursuing. Is it your personal desires or a deep, genuine relationship with our Heavenly Father?


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