The Good and Faithful Servant: Dear 2020

Dear 2020, 

Where do I even begin? You were a terrible year, like outright awful. You will probably go down as one of the worst years in history. You introduced a global pandemic and took so, so much, from not just me but from everyone. First and foremost you have taken so many lives, and they were all taken too soon. I cannot even begin to fathom how many lives were lost this year due to COVID. People are dying alone without anyone by their side. I can’t imagine a worse way to go than scared and alone. You have created so much fear and fuss world wide. 

You also stole so much time, and that’s time we can’t get back. We were locked in our homes for months on end. We missed time with friends and family, and for far too many people they will never get a chance at more time with that loved one, because so many loved ones lost their lives. We missed making memories. You cancelled trips, graduations, sport seasons, semesters, holidays, and so many more things. We couldn’t go out to eat, and we couldn’t even go to church. You took people’s jobs, and left them fearing for how they were going to provide for their families. You crushed the spirit and soul of so many people world wide in a mere 365 days. 

On top of a global pandemic, you created so much division and hate. People of color are hurting, and while I can’t understand what they are going through, I hurt with them. It breaks my heart to see this much hate and division in our world. Plain and simple we are called to love everyone. We are called to love others as Christ has loved us (John 15:12). 2020, you were not a year of love and blessings like everyone hoped. You were a year of hate and heartbreak. 

You personally caused me so much pain this year. You took me away from my new school, you took my volleyball season from me, and you took so much time from me. I had friendships fall off and there were times where I felt like I was going crazy. But what hurt the most is that you took my grandma from me. She spent months in the hospital, and ended up with COVID. Her last few months were spent alone, only seeing us through her window and facetime until the day she died. It’s just so unfair. She should have seen my brother walk across the stage at graduation. She should be there in the future when her grandkids walk down the aisle and start a family. But you robbed us of time with her. While I know she is in Heaven and she’s not hurting anymore, that doesn’t make it any easier on me and my family. And when I thought this year was almost done, I tested positive for COVID on Christmas Eve, and didn't get to spend Christmas with my family. That’s just my story, and I know there are those who suffered far worse than I did this year.

So here I am, quarantined in my room, writing this letter about what a terrible year you were. 2020 don’t get me wrong you epically sucked, but I refuse to remember you that way. A couple years down the road I want to look back and see how I grew throughout this year. 2020 you kicked our butts, but we survived, and we grew, and that’s something to be proud of. I know God used this year to teach me some things, and to grow me in my faith, so I choose to focus on that. I hope and pray others chose to do the same. 

This year I was reminded that no matter what happens God is still God, and He is still good. We may not always understand why things happen the way they do, but God has a plan for us and His plan is always perfect. 

Some things in life are just out of my control, and I learned that that can’t scare me. I’ve learned to have the level of trust to where I can just give everything over to God. I can’t make things better or right, but God can. Why worry when I know God’s got this. 

This year was not easy, but I know God was with me every step of the way. When I felt lost he revealed more of Himself to me. God is always there. He will never turn His back on us, and will love us unconditionally no matter the circumstances. 

2020, you have helped me realize that everything happens for a reason, even the bad things. Sometimes we have to go through trials in order for us to experience growth. As I go into 2021 that is what I am going to focus on. I’m focusing on how much I have learned about not only myself, but what I have learned about God. I am going into 2021 thankful for each day I get, because as you have so easily reminded us 2020, we are not guaranteed tomorrow. 

I hope and pray that others choose to see how God has worked in their lives this year. I pray that they see just how faithful God is. While we will never forget all the loss and pain suffered this year, I truly hope others can focus on and remember the positive things and growth they experienced this year. 

2020, you tried your hardest to crush our spirits and take our hope, but I am here to tell you we serve a strong and mighty God. You can’t steal our hope, because our ultimate hope was a gift from God through Jesus Christ, and that is something that can never be taken from us. You were a difficult year, but I know God can and will bring beauty from these ashes. 


A girl looking forward to 2021


  • Meredith

    So proud of you! 2020 has royally sucked but thank you for reminding me that we have so, so much to be thankful for! Love you!

  • Sheila

    This was awesome and inspiring . Honest and thought provoking . Thank you for sharing this

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