The Good and Faithful Servant: It Is Finished

Life is hard. 

Sometimes there are days, weeks, and even months where it seems like nothing can go right. It just feels like one thing after the other is constantly trying to tear you down. 

If you’re like me, this is when feelings of doubt start to creep in. Little feelings of “I’m not good enough”, “I’m a mess”, or “I can't do anything right”. 

When I get in these “slumps” in life I feel far from God. I feel like I am letting God down. I get so caught up in how chaotic my life is, that I start feeling like I am not a good enough Christian. I feel like I don’t spend enough time in His Word. I feel like I don’t pray as much as I should. I don’t share the love of Jesus with others like I am supposed to. This leaves me feeling guilty and ashamed. I feel like I don’t deserve God’s grace and I feel like I am not doing enough. I feel as if I am an utter failure of a Christian. 

Oftentimes people view Christianity as “What can I do to be right with God?”. This is not how we should view our relationship with Christ. Rather, we should view Christianity in terms of what God did for us. Jesus did enough that day on the cross so that I do not have to be “good enough”. So when we start doubting and questioning our Christianity, we are saying that what Jesus did on that cross was not enough for us. 

This is so not the case! The moment that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, it was finished. The bridge between us, and a holy and almighty God, was gapped. We have the promise of eternal life with God because of Jesus, not because of what we do. We are saved by grace and through faith. That is it. 

Nothing you do will ever change what Jesus did for you on the cross. Nothing can ever separate us from the love God has for us. I am in no way saying that our actions do not matter. They do. We should not use God’s grace as a pass to live in a life of sin. As Christians we should want to live a life that honors God. We should want to obey Him. 

No matter how hard we strive, we will always fall short. We will always sin, but we do not have to live in that sin. Our sin does not define us. So when you get caught up in your sin, and you feel like you are not good enough. Maybe you feel like you do not deserve the title of a Christian. Remember this: Jesus is sufficient. What Jesus did for you on that cross is sufficient. 

We do not have to live in our shame anymore. We are made new in Christ, so let's live like it. Live your life in a “it is finished” mentality. Never let your sin or your past make you feel undeserving or unqualified. You are enough because Jesus is enough, and the power of Jesus is in you. 

“I have everything I need in Christ to do everything God has called me to do”
-Louie Giglio 


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    Thanks for sharing this! Wise words! Have a blessed day!

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    Great word peyton

  • Betty Stokes

    Well said, Peyton, you are such a special person. Thank you for sharing.

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