Episode 2 | Ben Wolverton

On the second episode of the People of Faith Podcast, Ben Wolverton joins me to talk about how Christianity is viewed in Europe and his experiences as a missionary in the Netherlands at a young age. We touch on some bible verses and biblical ideas that you can pick out in today's current environment. We also go through Ben's experiences as a member of a band on the Christian music scene and later on as a solo artist.

Episode 1 | AJ Mealing

On the first episode of the People of Faith we have AJ Mealing, a brother in Christ and one of my closest friends. AJ is a few years older than me and was the FCA President at Erskine when I came in as a freshman, all the way up to when he graduated in December 2019. On the podcast we walk through AJ’s journey through college up to the present day, recounting all the events and trials that brought him to this point in his life. We also discuss some key ideas in what we think Christianity in today’s world looks like and how it compares and contrasts to what the Bible says it should look like.